Cybercrime Law: Temporary Restraining Order Has Ended

Temporary restraining order for the Cybercrime Law has ended, lawyers are now facing anti-Cybercrime Law advocates, protesters and petitioners challenging the constitutionalism of the polemic law.

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Call Center Diaries: Team Bob - Jackieness

Yeah… I agreed to write all of these…
Have I asked for something?
It’s all for RAMBOYS…

Well I know for a fact that he is generous and I’m one of his friends who are abusing that.
He’s known to be Rich for some, but for us, he’s exclusively known as Jun Pyo…either names reflects his generosity.
Who does not want to be called Rich and Jun Pyo? =)
I can’t tell if I totally knew him in and out but this how I’ve known him as our Jun Pyo…
First two days you were introduced…he has good vibes with the awkwardness you felt…to make you feel at ease , he checks out on you…” are you on a break??” ,”so how’s your call??”
Typical reply, “well, I’m pissed with my customer”  
“I’m pissed too…”
Then wait till how he groves with his ass and… gosh I can’t describe it well…you should see it for yourself…
The nearest thing to it that I can think of is how the famous Dao Ming Xi of F4 turned me off the when he danced…  but Jun Pyo has a dirtier way to make it look funny…
He sways and he grinds his waist holding the chair with his ass facing you
Wooohhh… Hell, I really fell off my chair…that’s probably why we called him Jun Pyo instead of Dao Ming Xi…
That’s how he makes our day at work…swear...if you want to concentrate…do not even try with your peripheral view when he does that…
That’s probably how he lets it out…I know what you’re thinking… I mean maybe that’s how he releases stress… =)
You can also bully him around and he never gets back at you… hahaha
Whenever we’re in trouble and the boss roars “who started all of these? Who taught you these?”
All in chorus we say… It’s JUN PYO…he may be in or absent…
You think we’re evil coworkers to him?
Course not…
We definitely love bullying him around…in exchange of him being able to hang out with us pretty girls...hahaha
He just happens to be the only rose among us… the thorns…hahaha
And we unquestionably love his presence at work.
We’re not just bloody coworkers to him… we’re also his friends… see how lucky this guy is???
He gets to see us on our two pieces and sexiest dresses on outings and night outs…
And I’m proud to say he never took advantage of anyone of us… though he may have an HD with some, he’s probably gentleman enough to keep to himself… hehehe
Alcohol no alcohol…we’re his gory friends…

I hate it when he makes my nose bleed with his computer skills… he is a damn good computer assie…
He doesn’t brag about it, but he talks about it like he’s talking about food… roar…
I’m even encoding this for so long since I already forgot how the MS ’07 does works…
He is such a genius compared to our little brains with computers…

I’d say we’re so mean to this guy so as to point out how nice he is in getting along with us, and surviving our tantrums, nags, arguments, and girl stuff day to day to day…
For the drunkenness, craziness and spitefulness we’ve shared…

We’re real thankful since this guy is so generous… not that he buys his friends but for being generous in sharing his self and to us…
Again, do not ever think about anything else, he’s absolutely not our type…
In life you’ll indeed meet someone who’ll ride with you on a car but they go when it flats down,
 JUN PYO will stay with you though you’re taking “sikad”, nice,  as long as he pays for you both… =)


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Archdiocesan Catholic Social Media Summit

The Jaro Archdiocesan Youth Commission will be having its 1st Archdiocesan Catholic Social Media Summit on December 1-2, 2012 @ Iloilo Grand Hotel.

"Generation F: Opening the Door of Faith through Social Media”

This summit will focus on how we Filipinos particularly the youth utilize media for social transformation.

Jaro Archdiocesan Youth Commission is inviting us all ILOILO SEO practitioners to attend and as a partner, they are expecting us to support and promote the said event.

Hope every one of us here go hand and hand to support this event.

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Pro-Life: Must be the Darkest Read!

(Photo courtesy

“You know, Mrs. Buckman, you need a license to buy a dog, to drive a car – hell, you even need a license to catch a fish. But they’ll let any butt-reaming asshole be a father.” - said Tod played by Keanu Reeves in the movie Parenthood

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It’s very simple, follow these easy steps and get your art showcased in our Facebook page and website:

1. Download the TEMPLATE by clicking the link below:

2. Place and adjust your artwork underneath the template layer using any imaging software (Adobe Photoshop, Gimp, Adobe Fireworks, etc);

3. Upload your finished poster to our Facebook wall: and

4. Email it also to postercampaign[at]iloilocomiccon[dot]org with Subject: Poster Campaign



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Catholic Social Media Summit

SEO Iloilo is the digital partner for this event: Catholic Social Media Summit on Dec. 1 and 2, 2012 at Iloilo Grand Hotel

Click HERE to register and don't forget to share the link to your friends as well.

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First SEO and PPC Mindsharing Event in Iloilo

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